Spoken Word

Writer/Director:  Ilan Muallem

Producers:  Lance Reddick, Donte Chatman, Gabriel Napora, Patrick Muldoon

Starring:  Lance Reddick, Jason London, Troy Evans 

Release Date:  April 20, 2016


Race, perception and consequence become the center point of three lives, as Judge Matthews realizes that he can no longer overlook his actions from the bench.

3 Nominations from the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, Nice


Jury Award

Best Short Film

Ilan Muallem

Jury Award

Best Cinematography

Adrian Sierkowski

Jury Award        Best Screenplay

Ilan Muallem

Exiting the Life

Writer/Director:  Braedon Vogel

Producers:  Braedon Vogel, Kevin Barrett, Christopher C. Strutt, Donte Chatman, Nakita Wimler

Starring:  Quinton Monyei, Chris Sneed, King David Johnson, Shawn Taplin 

Release Date:  April 1, 2013

A gangster decides to leave the life of crime and tries to prevent his friend from following the same path.

2 Nominations from the Action on Film International Film Festival

Audience Choice Award 

Best Short Film

Braedon Vogel, Donte Chatman

Jury Award

Best Actor

Quinton Monyei

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